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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Tresor Paris Bracelets Arrive

    Tresor Paris bracelets have now arrived here at Silver Tree Jewellery! Since their launch in 2011, they have had a string of A-list fans from the UK’s Pop sensation Jessie J to the gorgeous Jennifer Anniston, making them the ultimate fashion accessory for those who love to be on trend.

    Tresor Paris bracelets are fashioned from coloured crystal and magnetite creating a “unique style of elegance mixed with a touch of bohemian” for a truly breathtaking look.

    The magnetite stone in the Tresor Paris bracelet is thought to aid recovery, offers relief from negative emotions and the magnetic quality of the stone helps to attract love. It is said to be beneficial for asthma, blood and circulatory system, skin and hair.

    The fabulous Laye bracelet has been very popular with 11 white crystals and 4 magnetite balls for £149. Why not get yours today at

    Tresor Paris Bracelets Arrive

  • Don't forget Mothers Day.......

    Your mother is your first friend, counsellor, lifeline and teacher and there will be no-one in the world who will support you more than her. So why not celebrate the special woman in your life here at Silver Tree, by giving a beautiful gift when words are no longer enough and let her know how loved she is with our wide range of Mother’s Day jewellery.

    Show your appreciation with our thoughtful jewellery, that is sure to bring a smile. Mother’s Day is a modern celebration, which honours motherhood, maternal bonds and the influences that mother’s have in society. Mothering Sunday is always the fourth week in Lent and is the time to thank and to pay respect to your mother.

    This stunning sterling silver ‘best mom’ charm is part of Thomas Sabo's new collection and is the perfect present to show your mum how loved she is.


    The friendly staff at Silver Tree will be happy to help you choose a special piece of jewellery for your mum to wear reminding her she is always in your thoughts.

  • Aquamarine - The Gemstone of Mermaids

    Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and along with Emerald, is part of the Beryl family of Gemstones. The name comes from the Latin aqua (water) and mare (sea). According to old tradition the stone is said to promise the wearer a happy marriage along with joy and wealth.

    Aquamarine is a natural stone found in many different shades of blue from the bright blue sky to the deep blue ocean. It was said to have originated in the treasure chests of mermaids and is therefore the lucky stone of sailors. It is a strong Gemstone and the deeper the colour the higher the value. Whether you are a sailor, a mermaid, or just someone looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery, we have many fabulous items on offer in our store or on our website. Aquamarine holds a magical attraction that few women can resist!


    Why not try these stunning Thomas Sabo ‘special edition’ silver earrings with an aquamarine centre, for a truly breathtaking look. £86

    Thomas Sabo Drop Earrings

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