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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • ChloBo

    ChloBo has a thoroughly modern and unique approach to jewellery that is influenced by the friends, family and life of Chloe Moss. It takes a contemporary approach towards jewellery and completely re-defines the field by giving the products an extremely personal touch.

    Chlobo has taken inspiration from the beach to the bedroom, with a night of cocktails in-between. It has become a brand which people can relate to, with enormous popularity and an ever-growing mass appeal.

    Every piece exudes class and style and can be worn for that every day glamour or a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, it is your decision; it is your story.







    ''Make every moment glamorous with ChloBo''.

  • Clogau Gold - the Gold of Royalty

    Founded by William Roberts in 1989, Clogau Gold is a welsh family run business. The name is derived from the Clogau Gold Mine which was one of the largest and richest gold mines in the Dolgellau area. Within every piece of Clogau jewellery there is some gold from the mine which is incredibly rare and sought after.

    The gold that was used to make the royal families wedding rings all came from the famous Clogau Gold Mine, giving it the most prestigious background. Many hours are spent designing this jewellery and many more hours are spent bringing it all together. Much of the inspirations for the designs are taken from Welsh landscapes and culture, meaning all pieces are truly stunning.

    Clogau Gold today is a renowned jewellery brand; Williams son is the Managing Director and his daughter Creative Director, who designs all the jewellery herself - what a talented family!

    *NEW* Am Byth filigree designed pendant


    *NEW* at Silver Tree Jewellery are the Clogau Gold watches. They are utterly divine! The quality of craftsmanship in these timepieces can be determined at the very touch of one of these beauties.


    Please find the whole collection of Clogau Jewellery on our Web shop:

  • A Love Story

    laura - paris 2

    This week we have seen a beautiful true love story come to life and as it is Valentines day soon we thought we would share it with you.

    Dr. David Elliott came into our store and ordered a diamond and blue sapphire eternity ring for his wife which he wanted to surprise her with on a trip to Paris. Silver Tree Jewellery were having the ring made and due to unforeseen circumstances the ring did not arrive in time for his romantic trip so he asked if he could have the ring sent to the hotel in Paris when it eventually arrives at the store.

    As the ring came at the very last minute, we decided to send our Store Manager, Laura Casson, off to Paris to deliver the ring herself.

    Laura - Paris

    Laura greeted the Elliot's at the Hotel with the ring, which was a shocking and lovely surprise!

    Here is their daughters recommendation:

    "How's this for customer service...

    My Mum and stepdad's 30th wedding anniversary so David orders my mum a beautiful ring - to be handmade. He has a trip to Paris organised and really, really wants the ring to be ready for the romantic gesture. The ring is not ready in time. Sad face :0(

    David suggests for The Silver Tree to send the ring direct to the hotel in Paris.

    By the last night, still no parcel had arrived. But to his surprise, one of the staff from the little local shop in Lancaster had been flown into Paris, is there in the hotel with the little Silver Tree bag and said ring.

    Now that's what I call service! Well done Silver Tree Jewellery for making my Mum's day, and special Anniversary very, very special"

  • Silver Tree Jewellery at Spring Fair

    Oliver Gibson, Managing Director of Silver Tree Jewellery, was at Birmingham today ordering the new Spring/ Summer 2013 collection from Pandora. The new collection will arrive at Silver Tree Jewellery in March and will be the first to showcase the collection in Lancaster.

    Pandora's showroom was stunning with a water feature and pink blossomed tree's surrounding the furniture encasing their beautiful jewellery inside. Their new jewellery designs did not disappoint with new pavé charms and romantic themed jewellery  to look forward to.

    photo (10)

    Silver Tree will also be getting a new exciting gift with purchase which is a secret yet to be revealed!

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