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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Jewellery Gifts Ideal for Christmas 2013

    All our gifts at Silver Tree Jewellery are  brand packaged, gift-wrapped and delivered free of charge, with a personal message added.

    For Christmas 2013 we at Silver Tree Jewellery have the biggest selection off sparkling gifts you could imagine. We have just undergone a fabulous in store refurbishment including a brand new Links Of London (online soon) shop-in-shop; with two magnificent crystal chandeliers to match our current range of fabulous jewellery brands.


    Below we have hand picked some amazing jewellery pieces which would make ideal Christmas presents.

    Swarovski Alana Clear Crystal Pendant, £99

    The No. 1 best-seller at Christmas has to be Swarovski crystal jewellery. This is the perfect time of year to add some glitz to your outfit.

    Sw 1

    Vivienne Westwood Griselda Medium Bas Relief Pendant, £120

    Vivienne Westwood is always a great gift for any lady. The new collection has sold through very quickly this year in store and online. I love the fact that Westwood's jewellery collections are all exclusive - we cannot re-order people!

    vw 2

    DEW Simple Silver Twist Earrings, £25

    Tipped as this years favourite gift buy is our exclusive online only jewellery brand DEW. The stunning sterling silver and cubic zirconia designs are all under £50 - perfect for budget spending.

    dew 3

    Michael Kors Chronograph Parker Glitz Watch, £229

    Everybody's favourite watch brand Michael Kors is also becoming a key gift buy for this Christmas - with many styles being reserved already! Michael Kors has recreated the over-sized statement watch as feminine by adding crystals and rose gold plate.


    Emporio Armani Blue Leather Classic Valente Watch, £149

    Something for the gentlemen. Emporio Armani watches are NEW to Silver Tree Jewellery this year and have become a firm favourite for men's gifts. You cannot go wrong with gifting one of these watches!

    ea 5.1

    ChloBo Iconic Oystins Pearl Bracelet With Inset Skull, £75

    ChloBo is my favourite up and coming brand. These beautiful stackable bracelets makes gift buying easy! This jewellery brand is also becoming the chosen wrist candy of many celebrities. ChloBo new range, Lucky 13, is soon to be in stock at Silver Tree Jewellery.

    ch 6.1

    Hot Diamonds Shooting Stars, Pendant £54.95 and Earrings £29.95

    The perfect gift set would have to come from Hot Diamonds. This British brands stunning jewellery is crafted from rhodium plated sterling silver and each piece comes with brilliant cut diamonds.

    hd7hd 8

  • Our pick of the Best Halloween Jewellery - Cat Charms

    Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate our feline friends - especially the unlucky black ones.

    There are a number of stories in folklore casting cats as evil and causing bad luck. The black cat, even in today’s stories, are linked to witchcraft, despite the Egyptian goddess Bastet being depicted as a woman with a cats head – she signified the keeper of the home, guardian against evil spirits, the goddess of cats and keeper of women’s secrets

    Below we have picked out a selection of cat charms we love, which would make a great Halloween gift.

    In recent years the cat charm has been a sought after gift to represent your pet or for mythical meaning. Thomas Sabo’s new cat charms for Halloween 2013 are the perfect alternative to chocolate - definitely a treat!

    Thomas Sabo

    This cute little kitten crafted from 925 Sterling silver with black synthetic pavé zirconia is a must-have for all animal lovers: 1015-05-111: £76


    Links Of London

    A must for all cat lovers is this sterling silver cat charm. With delightful detail and a knowing face you wont want to leave her behind: 5030.0121: £45


  • #LinksOfLondon Competition Winner

    Thank you to everyone who has entered our Links of London competition.

    The Facebook winner of one of these Links Of London bracelets is Jacqui Crabtree - congratulations! Please email me:


    Links Of London is now in our beautiful boutique in Lancaster and will soon be available to browse and purchase from our website

  • Competition #LinksOfLondon

    To win these stunning Links of London bracelets Simply Like/ Follow & Retweet this picture to be in with a chance.

    The competition closes on the 18th October 2013 and we will be giving one to the winner on Twiiter and the other to our Facebook winner. Good Luck!


  • Ten Jewellery Superstitions Explained

    1)     It is bad luck to wear silver and gold jewellery together.

    I am currently wearing silver and gold together now and I am having a great day. Apart from being wrong if you do buy into this superstition you are in danger of losing out on an incredible fashion trend at the moment. Silver and gold (or gold vermeil) is a huge fashion statement. ChloBo’s jewellery feature silver and gold bracelets that can be stacked together to create a ‘boho chic’ look.


    2)     You cannot wear a ring on your wedding finger until you are engaged.

    I have been worried about this for years. As a young girl, trying on my grandmother’s jewellery, I was always cautious of wearing any ring on my ‘wedding finger’ in case Mr. Right did not turn up. For years I have been wearing a ring on my right hand side finger as to not damage my white dress dream. However, in some parts of the world the right hand side ‘wedding finger’ is used to wear the wedding ring. Please do not give up your left ‘wedding finger’ as I did - as you are decreasing your chances of making the new stacking rings trend look fabulous.


    3)      Charms bring you good luck.

    I am all for this superstition. The charm craze is still in full swing with Thomas Sabo, and Links Of London being ahead of the game. Silver and gold charms have also been mixed together for SS13 collections. Charms are bought more often for gifts and attaching a meaning to a charm is a perfect symbol of affection from the giver to receiver. Take the popular four leaf clover: each leaf has a different meaning – one for faith, hope, love and luck. Even if this charm does not bring you luck it still looks cute!


    4)     Jewellery for protection.

    The Hamsa Hand is said to protect against evil. This ancient Middle Eastern amulet, often used in jewellery, symbolises the hand of God and is believed to be a protective symbol which brings its owner luck, happiness, health and good fortune. This ritual is steeped in history and tradition and if anything else the jewellery designs are beautiful by ChloBo. There are different interpretations in religion as to whom this hand belongs to; but the meaning runs uncompromised as protective.

    msbhh  ccb11

    5)     Opals are unlucky.

    Jewellery throughout history has been worn to enable the wearer power and certainty over situations out of their control or understanding. It was the Romans who eventually deemed opal as precious gemstone. To this day, in many Eastern countries, jewellers will not sell opals for fear of its evil properties. There is nothing to say that this stone is unlucky and it cannot possibly be ignored completely out of jewellery designs as the lustre of opals can compare to that of a beautiful diamond. 

    6)     Do not wear pearls on your wedding day.

    Pearls are said to represent tears and are so deemed as bad luck to wear on your wedding day. If you wear pearls on your wedding day this may mean you will have tears throughout your marriage. This superstition, besides being an old wives tale, is unfortunate for the believer. Pearls look fabulous worn with white or ivory. If you have your hair up on your big day then white pearl drop earrings will look very elegant especially designs by Jersey Pearl.


    7)     Rosary beads give you peace and good look.

    Rosary beads are used in Roman Catholic silent prayer and meditation. The name Rosary is used to describe a ‘sequence or string of prayers’. Fashion within jewellery design is very important for today’s discerning customers; the rosary necklace has become a fashion accessory. ChloBo have crafted stunning versions of the rosary bead necklace that you can also attach pendants onto. The ChloBo Silver Lab Lariat is made from faceted Labradorite beads believed to be a calming and healing stone known as ‘the stone of spiritual awakening’.

    8)     Do not take your engagement ring off.

    This is a good and useful superstition. Look but you cannot touch. Taking your engagement ring off is said to be bad luck for the bride to be. It also helps when you do not want to take your ring off for someone else to try on – annoying.

    9)     Tusk for good luck.

    The Tusk is believed to be an ancient good luck charm. ChloBo’s Cloud 9 collection is inspired by the designer, Chloe Moss’, travels to Lake Como where she described her time there as being on Cloud 9 – travel and culture have brought this ancient charm to life. ChloBo’s Tusk pendant looks stunning attached to the on trend long lariat.


    10)  Wear turquoise to travel.

    This stones blue/green colour tone in jewellery is the perfect accessory to travel to foreign lands. Lots of customers today still buy this stone for a gift for anyone who is travelling. This is a lovely idea – even if you’re not entirely convinced by the lucky element of the stone the wearer will always think of you along their way. Thomas Sabo’s turquoise bracelet is the perfect leaving gift.


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