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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Turquoise Jewellery is perfect for summer fashion

    ChloBo's Sundance Collection

    Turquoise Jewellery

    Turquoise is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone that has been worn around the world for centuries with best sources of it now in Australia, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet and south-western USA. It was used in Egyptian adornments by nobility and used to flaunt the wealth and splendour of the wearer. Used in many jewellery items along with lapis lazuli and gold, this was the favourite stone of the kings. Ranging from pale blue to a deep azure this stone is easy to spot and echo’s summery delights.

    Whilst being a simply gorgeous bright stone, it also has been said to hold many healing and grounding properties. Physical ailments it can assist in are stress, strengthening immune system and relaxes cramps amongst others. As the birthstone for December and the stone of friendship, this stone is perfect for a gift and is one of the oldest protection amulets.

    Turquoise in jewellery

    For Spring/Summer 2015 collections, we see turquoise making a firm stance as the favourite stone for the season. ChloBo's summer Sundance Gold Ultimate Stack, £295, really manages to capture the essence of hazy summer, evenings, beaches and maybe a cocktail or two! With this ready set stack of bracelets you can accessorise your summer outfits perfectly and simply.

    A new design from Hot Diamonds, this adjustable and stackable Silver and Turquoise Bangle, £39.95, in their Emozioni range features vibrant turquoise coloured stones, sterling silver and their branded feature pendant. We just love this wearable Turquoise Charm Bracelet, £29.95, by Thomas Sabo. Other designers have copied this stone bracelet design, but this will always be the original! Perfect for summer, perfect to individualise by adding the Charm Club Charms!

  • Branded Jewellery Retailer Of The Year!


    Silver Tree Jewellery began its journey more than 30 years ago with Patricia Gibson at the helm of the cities only specialist sterling silver store and now with son Oliver taking charge, this jewellery boutique has gone from strength to strength.

    So we couldn’t be prouder to announce that this year we have been nominated for the ‘branded jewellery retailer of the year award’ by the Retail Jeweller Awards.

    This prestigious event has been likened to the jewellery industries equivalent of The Oscars and will take place at the Tower of London on June 17th 2015 and we’ll be there dressed to the nines and of course modelling some of the cutting edge jewellery fashions we are famous for.

    RJA blog

    The Retail Jewellery Magazine has been serving the industry for many years and is known nationally as a central hub for jewellery retailers. Along with ourselves, four other jewellery retail leaders from around the UK have been nominated.  The judging panel are a selection of 26 well versed jewellery aficionados from around the UK, including managing directors of chain store Beaverbrooks, chief executives of the National Association of Goldsmiths and the British Jewellery Association.  To be recognised and nominated for this award is such a great achievement in itself but to win would really be the icing on the cake, so wish us luck for the 17th June!

  • Earring Jackets? The New Trend



    Georgia May Jagger for Thomas Sabo

    This new jewellery trend is taking the industry by storm!  For the uninitiated or slightly confused, earring jackets refer to an earring where the focal point is not only the front of the earring but the back or a removable rim that can fit around the earring. This year we see earring jackets ranging from a below the lobe drop to a segment reaching around the ear which are bang on trend for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. To really show off this exciting earring fashion I would suggest wearing your hair up or at least swept free from one side of the face to fully show the design off.

    This design from the German fashion pioneers, Thomas Sabo, features sterling silver with oxidized pattern highlights. Really striking edgy design from their ‘Kathmandu’ range, with bangles to match.


    The latest designer to join our elite collection, Sif Jakobs, is renowned for her cutting edge designs and sleek Scandi style and these earrings from the Pecetto range are no exception.

    All our online purchases come with free delivery (even on next day with spends over £50) and free luxury gift wrap with a personal message service.

  • Our Top 5 Fashion and Beauty Apps for iPhone and Android


    Being a jewellery store, we at Silver Tree are extremely interested in fashion and beauty, whether that be the latest dress on the runway or how the weather is going to affect what you are going to wear. So we have decided to handpick our top 5 fashion and beauty apps, which have been tried and tested by our trusty members of staff.

    Polyvore - Free


    fashionapp1      polyvore2


    Polyvore is an online community for fashionistas, who like to experiment before they buy. It allows you to discover your own style by mix and matching products from any online store to create an outfit and share with other like-minded people. You can also browse through other peoples set outfits and store the ones you like, along with set items of clothing.

    Who is this app useful for?

    This app is useful for anyone who is interested in fashion, no matter what your age or style. Polyvore allows you to create your own individual style, making it the perfect app for a wide spectrum of people.

    Pros and Cons?

    Pros - High quality images, efficient search engines and simple to use.

    Cons - You can’t upload your own images and a great deal of the top rated sets aren’t actually good, people have just relied on their followers to vote on their set.

    Star Rating -

    Download for iphone      Download for Android

    Think Dirty - Free

    thinkdirty1        thinkdirty2

    Think Dirty is a product comparison app, which is the easiest way to learn about possible toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. It is an independent source, that allows you to scan barcodes as you shop (along with the barcodes on your products at home) and it will give you easy to understand information on the ingredients and offer healthier alternatives to the product you scanned.

    Who is this app useful for?

    This app is one I urge everyone to get no matter what your age or gender, as it can steer you away from possibly harmful products. Finding safer alternative products can be difficult and Think Dirty does it for you.

    Pros and Cons?

    Pros - Allows you to see what ingredients really are in your products and how harmful they are, offers healthier alternatives, it is easy to use and fast as scanning barcode takes 2 seconds to load.

    Cons - Does not have every single cosmetic and personal care product listed, although it does give you the option to submit it so that it can be researched and put on the app.

    Star Rating -

    Download for iphone       Download for Android 


    ASAP54 - free

    asap541   asap542

    ASAP54 is an easy way to explore and shop for fashion, as it allows you to take inspiration from magazine images, social networks, the catwalk or something you’ve just seen on the street. Simply take a picture and this app will try it’s best to find the product or if not something similar! You can also try and find products you’ve seen by using keywords and hashtags, meaning if it’s logged you’re sure to find it!

    Who is this app useful for?

    This app is useful for all frustrated shoppers, who have seen a must-have item which they just can’t find. No matter how many Google searches or popular shop searching, this app does all the hardwork for you.

    Pros and Cons?

    Pros - There are over 1 million products in the database, apps like Polyvore or Shopstyle allow you to type in the description of products you are trying to find ASAP54 goes one step further with it’s visual recognition and very easy to use.

    Cons - When taking photos lighting is everything and to ensure the feedback you get is relevant, you need to ensure that the picture quality is of a high standard and sometimes the items retrieved don’t look like the one you’ve snapped (however they have in-house stylists who assure they will get back to you within 24 hours with more researched options).

    Star Rating -

    Download for iphone      Download for Android


    Skin Better - Free

    skinbetter1     skinbetter2

    Skin Better is a smart new tool that analyzes your skin, giving you a closer look at what you’re not seeing. It analyzes and highlights the possible skin issues you may have and offers product recommendations based on scientific research. As it is nearly impossible for most of us to match our skins needs with the appropriate product, Skin Better can give you the answers the Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon would.

    Who is this app useful for?

    This app is useful for every woman who is concerned about her skin, although it is more appropriate for the older woman as young adults tend to have little skin problems, it can still analyze and tell you skin care treatments if needed.

    Pros and Cons?

    Pros - Whilst shopping people are always trying to sell you products that you don’t really need, whereas this app shows results that are scientifically recommended for you personally and it analyzes for many different skin issues you may have and asks you about your own personal concerns, so it can help you in the most effective way possible.
    Cons - Lighting is everything when taking a picture, so if the quality of the picture is bad the chances are that your results will not be as accurate and this app can only highlight so many skin problems, meaning there may be more than what can be seen so do not take this analysation as the definite answer if you do have real concerns seek medical advice.

    Star Rating -


    Download for iphone      Download for Android

    ClosetSpace - Free

    closetspace1      closetspace2

    This new app ClosetSpace allows you to have your very own digital wardrobe, whilst offering you daily inspiration, outfit suggestions and more. You can take pictures of everything in your wardrobe (which can be quite time consuming) or choose clothing items from retailers, this allows the user to virtually plan outfits and it also has a feature that helps the user plan outfits for a specific occasion including the weather.

    Who is this useful for?

    This app is useful for every budding fashionista (or everyone who is just trying to plan an outfit) and can be used by anyone no matter what their fashion style or age.

    Pros and Cons?

    Pros - Allows users to be organised, as you can plan outfits well in advance using pictures, you have entire access your wardrobe from your smartphone, provides inspiration as well as help when choosing your outfits and you can receive personalised advice from a stylist (with a fee of course).

    Cons - Starting up can be time consuming (taking a picture of every item in your wardrobe, including handbags, shoes and accessories).

    Star Rating -


    Download for iphone      Download for Android 

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