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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Staff Picks this Christmas by Rebekah

    We asked all the Silver Tree girls to put together a compilation of their favourite jewellery that they’ll be purchasing for their family and friends this year. There’s sure to be some happy people this Christmas!

    Here are Rebekah's picks, our Website Assistant.

    My mum wears mainly pastel colours and has an envious watch collection! So I shall be getting her an Olivia Burton watch in navy, pastel colours and golden hues. Priced at £85.00.
    Olivia Burton Palour Floral Navy Watch
    For my brother I shall be buying him a solid silver bracelet from BuddhatoBuddha. This bracelet is easy to wear with any outfit, as he doesn’t like overly decorative jewellery but fashionable enough to keep him effortlessly on trend. £215.00
    BuddhaToBuddha Ellen Bracelet

    For my dad I shall be buying him a watch from Citizen. This watch is a classic design and the easy to see face means he can glance at it whilst working and is priced wonderfully at £89.00.Citizen Men's Strap Watch

    My gran still loves to write letters to family around the world, so this sparkly ballpoint pen from Swarovski is perfect for her. Priced at £24.00
    swarovski Crystalline Stardust Pen

    For my best friend, I shall be getting her a turquoise Thomas Sabo bracelet and start of her collection with a little fish charm as she is a marine biology student. Priced at £25.95
    Thomas Sabo Fish Charm

  • Staff Picks this Christmas by Elle

    We asked all the Silver Tree girls to put together a compilation of their favourite jewellery that they’ll be purchasing for their family and friends this year. There’s sure to be some happy people this Christmas!

    Here are Elle Harrison's, Online and Marketing Manager, picks:

    For my mum, who likes to keep up with the latest trends I am buying her a rose gold Thomas Sabo ring, to complement both the silver and yellow gold jewellery she already owns. Priced at £135.00
    Thomas Sabo silver and rose gold ring

    My younger cousin loves changing her jewellery with each outfit she wears, therefore I have chosen to buy her a pair of Tresor Paris earrings, which are practical and available in a range of colours to match any outfit she desires. Priced at £19.00
    tresor paris champagne earrings

    A pair of Swarovski earring jackets are the perfect present for my best friend, who loves to make a statement with her outfits through accessorising with the most up to date unique earrings. Priced at £69.00
    swarovski christie pierced earring jacket set


    For my grandmother who loves tradition, and importance behind items of jewellery, I am buying her a necklace from Clogau, which will complement the matching set of earrings that I gave to her last Christmas. Our Clogau range is currently only available in our boutique store in Lancaster.

  • Swarovski Stardust Bracelet Collection

    Swarovski stardust bracelet collection

    image source:

    Just the name ‘Swarovski Crystal’ brings to mind - sparkling gems, elegant jewellery and a rainbow of reflected light making it the perfect Christmas gift. The company was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski and still to this day they produce the famous crystal using the same methods. Today, Swarovski creates sculptures, miniatures, accessories, chandeliers, watches and most famously, its exquisite cut glass jewellery.

    Their latest jewellery range is the Stardust bracelet, which is made from a soft nylon fishnet tube filled with tiny clear crystals and fastens with a palladium-plated magnetic clasp. They look fab when worn twisted together or can be worn as a choker for a dramatic look. There’s also a large range of colours in different hues, making it so easy to accessorise your outfit and don’t forget, all our designer jewellery comes with a branded giftbox and bag.

    Christmas really is the time of year when you can add a little bit of extra glam to your outfit, accessorising with dramatic bracelets, necklaces and earrings will bring your outfit to life! Swarovski crystal is the brand to do just that!


    Swarovski silver stardust deluxe bracelet

    The ultimate ‘easy to wear’ bracelet, this sparkly piece can accessorise any outfit and bring a little bling into your life! Priced at £79.00


    Swarovski double red stardust bracelet

    This maroon bracelet beautifully reflects the coming festive season and the turning leaves. Accessorise your Christmas outfit for just £69.00


    Swarovski light purple stardust double bracelet

    For a splash of colour, this bright magenta bracelet is bold and beautiful. Priced at £69.00


    Swarovski gold stardust deluxe necklace

    From the new Autumn/ Winter collection, the 42cm Stardust Deluxe necklace reflects the colours of the season and is luxuriously elegant. Priced at £99.00


    With so many colours to chose from, why not look through the colour options and plan your dream outfit today.

  • The 10 Best Thomas Sabo Charms

    Welcome to the ten best Thomas Sabo Charms.

    Thomas Sabo is a world renowned brand and not just for their Charm Club range, their passion for creating unique, beautiful and real quality pieces is unsurpassed. Not to mention the sheer quantity of fabulous jewellery items, they also amaze with their ability to keep updating and releasing pieces to suit all styles.

    The charm bracelet is the gift that just keeps on giving, it can be suited to taste, changed to match and outfit and can be added to over the years to mark special occasions. Thomas Sabo has got such a huge range at 650 individual charms which start at as little as £19.95, engravable charms and gorgeous branded packaging it’s easy to see why this brand is the present for Christmas time.

    We’ve put together a collection of the top 10 Thomas Sabo charms, something sure to delight and remind them of this Christmas holiday.

    letter 'A' charm

    Letter charms make such a good gift as they are completely personal, they are also at super low priced at just £21.95.

    Thomas Sabo snowflake charm | Best Thomas Sabo Charms

    This snowflake is just the cutest Christmas gift and ensures a memorable gift, solid sterling silver and priced at £21.95

    Thomas Sabo Red Mini heart charm

    This gorgeous heart charm in red enamelled glass and sterling silver is a beautiful simplistic gift that will add a splash of colour. Priced at £29.95

    thomas sabo horse charm

    This cute horse charm is perfect for anyone who loves animals, she is crafted from solid sterling silver and is priced at £45.00

    Thomas Sabo luck charm

    This charm is perfect for perhaps a work leaving present, or a lucky talisman. Features a four leafed clover and is priced at £60.00

    Thomas sabo Silver Bow charm

    You can’t go wrong with timeless pieces, like this sterling silver bow charm priced at £29.95.

    Thomas Sabo rose gold angel wing charm

    This feathery angel wing is such a classic Thomas Sabo design, the rose gold metal tone and cubic zirconias would look fab alongside sterling silver and pearls. Priced at £35.00.


    Thomas sabo red cherries charm

    Add a splash of colour to your bracelet with these sweet cherries! Priced at £35.00 and featuring sterling silver and red enamel, this charm is sure to be a hit.

    Thomas Sabo silver best friend charm

    Thomas Sabo offer a large range of engraved charms to say that special message, this heart shaped ‘Best Friend’ charm is a perfect example of this. Priced at £39.95.

    Thomas sabo silver and gold mum charm

    This adorable 'Mum' charm is the perfect present around Christmas time but also benefits from being a great all round gift. Competitively priced at £45.00 with free gift wrapping.

    With over 650 charms to choose from, the Thomas Sabo Charm Club range is bound to have the perfect charm for you. There’s also a large range of designer bracelets in different metals, semi precious stones and all sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania Collection

    Introducing Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania collection. Each of her designs have been infused with her spirit. This side of the brand is known for merging her punk influences with effortless femininity. This means draped dresses, bold colours and original ideas.

    This Anglomania SS15, is inspired by paradise and promotes an idyllic state or place. Combining nature with culture, this collection embraces colourful and dynamic pieces. With a vibrant feel, this collection is the perfect expression of paradise, as both energy and joyfulness is portrayed in the clothes.

    Here at Silver Tree we have a variety of Vivienne Westwood jewellery, to ensure that there is definitely something for everybody. Why not try our Vivienne Westwood  Fuchsia Nano Solitaire Earring to inhabit the bold colours of the Anglomania collection or the Vivienne Westwood black Hero Star ring for a beautiful originality.

    Introducing Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania collectionVW anglomania image 4



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