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Thomas Sabo

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    Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Competition Perfume Description

    Rebel at heart DARK WOODS reflects the sensuous, deep and incorruptible side of a man.

    Perfumer Richard Ibanez: “Dark Woods is a homage to the free personality of the modern rebel, expressed by lemon-fresh notes and the contrast between cold and hot notes of spice. The high proportion of notes of wood highlights the dark, profound facet.

    Rebel at heart GENTLE WOODS highlights the masculine, powerful-fresh side of the modern rebel.

    Perfumer Richard Ibanez: “A fresh green-floral accord and spicy notes of lemon interpret the wild nature of the adventurous rebel and his constant thirst for new challenges. High quality woods, notes of leather and moss highlight his authenticity."


    Extravagant and expressive, Thomas Sabo presents the Rebel at heart collection for the rock ‘n’ roll soul. The designs have a great expressiveness, attention to detail and use of special symbols, making them the perfect women’s and especially men’s jewellery. The men’s leather bracelets, anchor pendants, skull rings and more crafted from 925 blackened Sterling silver and decorated with diamonds, black onyx stones and more that give the jewellery a dark edge and make a certain statement. Not for the faint hearted, this same design language is also used for the men’s Rebel at heart watches, making them perfect for pairing with bracelets and rings.

  • The 10 Best Thomas Sabo Charms

    Welcome to the ten best Thomas Sabo Charms.

    Thomas Sabo is a world renowned brand and not just for their Charm Club range, their passion for creating unique, beautiful and real quality pieces is unsurpassed. Not to mention the sheer quantity of fabulous jewellery items, they also amaze with their ability to keep updating and releasing pieces to suit all styles.

    The charm bracelet is the gift that just keeps on giving, it can be suited to taste, changed to match and outfit and can be added to over the years to mark special occasions. Thomas Sabo has got such a huge range at 650 individual charms which start at as little as £19.95, engravable charms and gorgeous branded packaging it’s easy to see why this brand is the present for Christmas time.

    We’ve put together a collection of the top 10 Thomas Sabo charms, something sure to delight and remind them of this Christmas holiday.

    letter 'A' charm

    Letter charms make such a good gift as they are completely personal, they are also at super low priced at just £21.95.

    Thomas Sabo snowflake charm | Best Thomas Sabo Charms

    This snowflake is just the cutest Christmas gift and ensures a memorable gift, solid sterling silver and priced at £21.95

    Thomas Sabo Red Mini heart charm

    This gorgeous heart charm in red enamelled glass and sterling silver is a beautiful simplistic gift that will add a splash of colour. Priced at £29.95

    thomas sabo horse charm

    This cute horse charm is perfect for anyone who loves animals, she is crafted from solid sterling silver and is priced at £45.00

    Thomas Sabo luck charm

    This charm is perfect for perhaps a work leaving present, or a lucky talisman. Features a four leafed clover and is priced at £60.00

    Thomas sabo Silver Bow charm

    You can’t go wrong with timeless pieces, like this sterling silver bow charm priced at £29.95.

    Thomas Sabo rose gold angel wing charm

    This feathery angel wing is such a classic Thomas Sabo design, the rose gold metal tone and cubic zirconias would look fab alongside sterling silver and pearls. Priced at £35.00.


    Thomas sabo red cherries charm

    Add a splash of colour to your bracelet with these sweet cherries! Priced at £35.00 and featuring sterling silver and red enamel, this charm is sure to be a hit.

    Thomas Sabo silver best friend charm

    Thomas Sabo offer a large range of engraved charms to say that special message, this heart shaped ‘Best Friend’ charm is a perfect example of this. Priced at £39.95.

    Thomas sabo silver and gold mum charm

    This adorable 'Mum' charm is the perfect present around Christmas time but also benefits from being a great all round gift. Competitively priced at £45.00 with free gift wrapping.

    With over 650 charms to choose from, the Thomas Sabo Charm Club range is bound to have the perfect charm for you. There’s also a large range of designer bracelets in different metals, semi precious stones and all sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Thomas Sabo Charm Club 10 Year Anniversary

    thomas sabo charm club

    German jewellery pioneers Thomas Sabo have this week hit a milestone, 10 years providing the nation with beautifully designed charms that are crafted flawlessly. With over 650 charms to choose from and 57 bracelets to hold your charm choices on, it’s easy to see why they are the obvious choice for anyone wanting a charm or charm bracelet.


    To celebrate Charm Clubs 10th birthday, Thomas Sabo have released 12 limited edition special charms which are upgrades of previously released popular Sabo charms and feature 5 white diamonds set into 925 sterling silver. All 12 are available at the fabulous price of £60.00, along with the Autumn/ Winter 2015 range at Silver Trees online store.

    This expertly put together range features a charm for all your annual gift purchasing needs, a gorgeous goodluck charm, hearts, tokens of endearment, anniversaries and kittens, because everyone loves a kitten, right?

    Thomas Sabo hearts charm

    This ‘Hearts Charm’ is destined for great things, priced at £60.00 and featuring 5 real diamond stones, this charm is bound to be a favourite.

    Thomas Sabo shine like a star charm

    As an excellent Christmas pressy, this ‘Shines like a Star’ charm has 2 star pendants, one beautifully adorned with 5 real diamonds also priced at £60.00

    With such a huge range, Thomas Sabo charms and jewellery is guaranteed to please, why not come see what we have in store for you!

    Don’t forget, all our purchasing come with beautiful packaging and seasonal giftwrap!

    Picture of charms? Not sure what pics are available?

  • Make Memories Last a Lifetime

    Make Memories Last with the new

    Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Collection


    Jewellery engraving is the easiest way to personalise and create a truly unique gift for Valentine’s Day, Christenings, birthdays or Christmas. Thomas Sabo have just launched their beautiful new collection of engrave-able bracelets and necklaces, featuring 925 sterling silver, gold plate, playful pearls, hematite, obsidian, cubic zirconia, jade and an assortment of beautiful cut memorable gemstones. Each bracelet has an engraveable bridge which can hold your message, a moment in time captured forever on a charming piece of jewellery. Secret love messages, special dates, the name of a loved one or your own life motto, your bracelet can be designed uniquely for you.

    These bracelets are perfect for building up and stacking with your favourite other bracelets for a unique look. With such a large range, it’s difficult to pick our favourites, but here is a rundown of bracelets to match the shades that are in for this Autumn/ Winter season.
    Thomas Sabo Black Love Bridge Bracelet

    This dark tone bracelet is made natural stones; black obsidian, white jade and reconstructed haematin are all used to give a dark exclusive look, priced at £70.00

    Thomas Sabo Tiger's Eye Love Bridge BraceletThis copper toned bracelet is made from 925 sterling silver and tigers eye stones. In warming tones, perfect for the colder months and priced at £115.00


    Thomas Sabo Filigree Rose Gold Love Bridge Bracelet

    This gorgeous 18ct rose gold bracelet is crafted from gold plated sterling silver and features a engraveable plate that is inlaid with tiny glistening cubic zirconia stones, this exclusive bracelet is priced at £275.00


    Thomas Sabo Obsidian Skull Love Bridge Bracelet

    Obsidian and 925 sterling silver, this edgy bracelet features small skull beads and has an engraveable silver plate, priced at £105.00


    Whatever your bracelet wish, why not check out what Silver Tree Jewellery online has to offer.

  • Thomas Sabo Karma Bead Bracelets Promotion 2015

    German jewellery favourites Thomas Sabo have been top of their game for the last 20 years, their innovative styles, quality craftsmanship and super customer service are some of the reasons why this brand are one of our favourite designers.

    In September they launch their new Karma Bead Promotion, between September 18th and October 4th 2015, customers will receive a Karma Beads bracelet for absolutely free when purchasing items worth £99 or more across the whole Thomas Sabo range. WOW!!


    This bracelet range offers a beautifully crafted and designed sterling silver bracelet with folding clasp and your choice of colours, stones and metal beads. Making this the perfect bracelet for anyone, as its designed by you for you!

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