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  • Happy Birthday ChloBo

    Happy Birthday ChloBo

    Happy Birthday to Chloe Moss! The English fashion designer, who has provided us with boho and chic designs, turns 33 today. It all began, when she turned 21 and embarked on a worldwide adventure, leading her to the beautiful island of Bali, which inspired her to begin creating jewellery.

    ChloBo’s style is bohemian, with influences taken from new countries, their cultures and their styles. Stunning charms and vibrant colours play a huge part in her jewellery, making them popular amongst many celebrities like, Elle Macpherson, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Rowland and Ellie Goulding.

    After 10 years of hardwork and dedication, ChloBo has established itself as a household name and is fastly flourishing in to a notorious brand.

    Why not check out some of our favourite pieces from the ChloBo collection, like the
    ChloBo Rose Gold Hamsa Heart Orange Tassel Pendant which is a beautiful bohemian piece that promotes healing and protection and the ChloBo Rose Tiny Decorated Hamsa Earrings, as the Hamsa sign is a key symbol in ChloBo’s collections.

  • Jewellery favourites from the Silver Tree Girls

    Emozioni Model Shot 4

    This beautiful picture shows the Emozioni coins in turquoise, enamel and sterling silver.

    Everyone has their own unique style preferences, this includes clothing, accessories and most definitely jewellery. Whether you're a girly girl, an outdoors type, a rock chick, a blingy babe or a elegant rose there is jewellery to suit you at Silver Tree Jewellery.

    We asked the shop girls to tell us their designer jewellery favourites and to say what items are top of their wish list. The answers the girls gave showed us how varied jewellery tastes can be and it also highlighted this seasons trends.

    When we asked Store Manager Katie what her favourite jewellery range was, she quickly answered the Emozioni range from Hot Diamonds. She said this was down to how versatile it is and how swapping the coins makes it into a different look everyday. The chain, coin keeper and coins all come separately in order to interchange your look. The Emozioni collection also now incorporates bangles, earrings and exquisite rings that match the pendants.

    Thomas Sabo is such a well known brand, and for good reasons too! Their multiple ranges are skilfully designed and the detail that goes into each creation is wonderful, whether its their Rebel at Heart, Glam and Soul or Karma Bead ranges, there's something for you in this inspirational brand.

    So it was not surprising that Michaela decided that Thomas Sabo was her favourite Silver Tree Jewellery brand. I would also admit that I am a fan of Thomas Sabo and particularly like their blend of edgy alternative designs with class and craftsmanship. Michaela likes how Sabo often perceives the spiritual and mystical features of the world and it transpires clearly in their jewellery.

    PE581-051-11 sabo bull pendant


    Michaela particularly likes this pendant from their Rebel at Heart range which is priced at £359.00, we think this may be on her Christmas list this year! She also loves the Karma beads as she feels the sterling silver allows it to be worn regularly and the use of precious materials like milky quartz, turquoise, haematite and chalcedony makes each piece for special and she feels that's what makes it such a reputable brand.


    Naomi's favourite brand is Vivienne Westwood, she says how 'she loves the way it appeals to both the rock punk chick as well as the sophisticated business woman' and I think she's right. All Westwood jewellery has value in an artistic and political sense as well as being luxurious jewellery that's always on trend, whilst the intricacy of the design give it a timeless quality, and that's why we love her.

    Vivienne Westwood JordanNecklace_0



    This Jordan necklace priced at £245.00 shows her effortless combination of quirky design skills and craftsmanship.




    UK designers ChloBo have been so popular this year and we keep seeing their designs on the arms of celebrities worldwide. Our sales assistant Rachel says that ChloBo is her favourite designer due to how affordable and unique each stack can be.

    GBPMIN066 chlobo

    We especially love this gold plate and pearl bracelet from Chlobo as the colour combination is so fresh and natural. Rachel who is also a Chlobo lover, picked out the Zodiac charm necklaces as her favourite they're  available in either sterling silver or yellow gold plate and look fab worn  with most clothing due to their length.

    Our Sales and Marketing Director Hannah is one for understated glamour and elegance so Swarovski  is one of her favourites. She says Swarovski pieces transform your outfit at night, sparkly and eye-catching pieces, genuine Swarovski crystal in every piece and they make for beautiful gifts.





    Swarovski Stardust Bracelets are available in 26 colours, 2 sizes and in either a single or a double wrap. Priced at either £59.00 or £69.00






    Olivia Burton watches offer truly unique and eye-catching designs, taking themes from wildlife and nature. This Hummingbird is a favourite of Elle, our Online Manager as she says it is a really stylish yet affordable watch.


    Hummingbird Watch by Olivia Burton priced at £80.00




    We have a huge range of jewellery and watches for all kinds of styles, so why not order online from Silver Tree Jewellery and see what we have in store for you! 

  • New Citizen watches at Silver Tree Jewellery

    New Citizen watches

    Katherine Jenkins wearing Citizen L Sunrise Watch

    At Silver Tree Jewellery we are constantly updating our exciting designers to bring you the best in jewellery and watch design; we are proud to hold the latest in watch technology from Citizen watches.

    Eco-drive and radio controlled watches, terms not often associated with watches, but as technology develops the accessory industry follows suit. Eco drive watches refer to the watches being solar powered, being charged continuously through any kind of light source and not requiring the traditional watch battery – a real 21st century breakthrough in watch development. Radio controlled watches assure accuracy and pinpoint time keeping. When combined with solar powered technology they are the 'ultimate in long-lasting and accurate time keeping'.

    We offer a gorgeous range of classic watches by world renowned designers Citizen. Their designs are timelessly classic, featuring stainless steel bracelets, real leather straps and clear, readable faces.

    All Citizen watches come with a 5 year manufacturing guarantee and presentation box.

    This chronograph watch features stainless steel, titanium and gold plate for the Citizen Men's Titanium Chronograph Watch.


    We don’t only offer men’s watches in the Citizen brand, but also women’s watches in a more delicate feminine style. Beautiful, stylish and elegant, Citizen introduces a stunning timepiece made especially for women; the L Sunrise Watch. With a stunning mother-of-pearl dial, an array of diamonds and a unique oblique ring the sunrise collection sets the standard for timeless and romantic timepieces.


  • Chlobo Leo Zodiac Pendants

    Chlobo Leo Zodiac Pendants


    Laura Whitmore wearing ChloBo

    The 23rd of July sees the change from Cancer to Leo in the astrological charts. The star sign Leo is traditionally characterized by a Lion and for good cause! Leo's are described as protective and territorial over the kingdom they inhabit. They love the limelight and are honourable, generous and kind - but also have a predisposition to be domineering and vain. Celebrity Leo's include President Borack Obama, David Walliams, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

    To commemorate each star sign, jewellery designers ChloBo have designed star sign pendants for their Sundance collection.The designs are engraved onto a sterling silver or 24ct yellow gold vermeil coin with a brushed finish and box chain which is wearable at either 650mm or 800mm.


    TV presenter Laura Whitmore has been spotted wearing one of the long gold zodiac necklaces, it looks amazing layered with other lengths and colours and could be worn with a central statement piece for an on trend look. The girls from the UK band The Saturdays are also said to be fans of both the bracelets and pendant ranges from ChloBo.

  • Happy Birthday Giorgio Armani


    Giorgio Armani turns 81 today!Happy Birthday Giorgio Armani

    Happy Birthday to Giorgio Armani! The Italian fashion designer, who provided us with fashion orientated and modern minded pieces, turns 81 today. It all began in 1975, when he launched Giorgio Armani S.p.A, which allowed Armani to become the notorious, luxurious brand it is today.

    His brand ignores the demand for novelty, allowing his pieces to possess a quality that shows permanence instead of items that are just temporary. Armani is a prestigious high-end label, which is worn by many fashion trendsetters like Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Channing Tatum and Leonardo DiCaprio.

    His innovative designs and creative ideas are what keeps him at the top of the fashion ladder and despite being over 80 he shows no signs of slowing down.

    Why not check out some of our favourite pieces, from the Emporio Armani collection, like the Emporio Armani Cream and Silver Renato Classic Watch for the ladies, which is a classic and elegant design or the Emporio Armani Stainless Steel Retro Gianni Watch, which is a masculine and functional design.

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