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  • The Perfect Place To Propose in Liverpool [Map]

    We might be based in Lancaster but the honest truth is that we love the whole of the North and our surrounding cities.

    We also love helping our happy customers choose the perfect engagement rings to wedding rings and contributing towards their happy future together.

    With that in mind, we wanted to share the perfect place to propose in a selection of Northern cities.

    If you’re thinking of popping the question in the North, where should you go? If you’re looking for inspiration, we’re here to help.

    Here’s Liverpool…


  • The Perfect Place To Propose in Leeds [Map]

    We’ll be honest with you; we LOVE the North. It’s where we call home and whilst we’re based in Lancaster, we’re also huge fans of other cities in the region.

    Alongside this, we love helping happy couples to celebrate their engagement, right the way through from supplying the most beautiful engagement rings to wedding rings.

    So, we had a thought.

    Let’s conduct research into our favourite Northern cities to showcase, on an easy to understand map, the perfect places to propose.

    That’s what we did!

    Here’s Leeds…


  • The Perfect Place To Propose in The Lake District [Map]

    We’ll be honest with you; we LOVE the Lake District. It’s less than 30 miles away from Lancaster, the city where we call home, and it’s where many of our fabulous bride and groom customers choose to wed.

    To put it simply, we absolutely love helping happy couples to celebrate their engagement, offering stunning engagement rings and wedding rings.

    So, we had a thought.

    Let’s conduct research into our favourite Northern areas to showcase, on an easy to understand map, the perfect places to propose.

    That’s what we did!

    Here’s the Lake District…


  • What Do Women ACTUALLY Want for Valentine’s Day?

    If you’re pushing the boat out this Valentine’s Day for your significant other, you might want to think again, because our research has shown that it might actually be the simpler things that are the way to a woman’s heart!

    We surveyed a thousand British women with the question ‘What Would You Most Like to Receive as a Valentine’s Day Gift?’, and rather than expensive perfume or clothes, the most popular answer was a nice romantic meal, with 25.5% of the responses.

    With modern life being so hectic these days, the survey reveals that what women cherish most is a bit of quality time with their significant other, which can be difficult to find for many couples, especially if you’ve got kids too!

    However, don’t go thinking that women don’t care about February 14th, because only 1% of those surveyed replied that they would be happy to not receive anything on Valentine’s Day.

    Overall, the results seem to show us what many of us secretly hope, which is that it really is the thought that counts, with gifts that make her feel special such as flowers (20.5%) also proving more important than those with a big price tag.

    While it’s nice to splash out every now and then (jewellery remains popular with 17.5% of women), receiving the same sort of gifts every year can make Valentine’s a chore, and the survey reveals that it really is the thought that goes into a gift that matters.

    Looking deeper into the survey, it seems that the older generation is still a little more traditional when it comes to love, with the majority (25.5%) of over 55s stating that their favoured gift would be flowers, although it’s good to see that four of our over 55 respondents are keeping the passion alive, saying that their ideal gift would be lingerie!

    At the younger end of the scale, it seems that something edible is top of the list, with just 13% saying they would be happy with flowers, with more preferring either a meal (46%) or chocolates (18%).

    Of those who answered the question with ‘Other’, the responses ranged from the heart-warming (‘just time spent with the man I love’) to the ambitious (‘a house’) and one response which sounds ominous for one partner in particular (‘a divorce’)!

    So before you rush out and buy that box of chocolates from the petrol station at the last minute on Tuesday, why not check to see if her favourite restaurant has any reservations left?



    1. Romantic Meal – 25.5%
    2. Flowers/Roses – 20.5%
    3. Jewellery – 17.5%
    4. Perfume – 15.5%
    5. Chocolates – 13%
    6. Lingerie – 4%
    7. Nothing – 1%
    8. Other – 3%


    • 5% of over 55s chose flowers.
    • Four (2%) of over 55s chose lingerie.
    • Only 1% would be happy to receive nothing.
    • 69% of those who want to receive nothing were over 45.


  • Do you have the perfect bridal jewellery? We do...


    For her wedding, Jane chose the Swarovski Diapason necklace, which was the perfect accompaniment to her stunning wedding dress and leaf motif tiara that matched! The wedding day was beautiful and relaxed - celebrated with close family and friends. Swarovski crystal is the-go-to brand to add some sparkle on your wedding day whether it be a statement necklace, like Jane, or some long drop earrings like the Cypress Earrings to wear with a high-neckline.

    Visit the Diamond Room at Silver Tree Jewellery Lancaster to choose the perfect wedding rings and bridal jewellery all in one place. Be greeted with a refreshing drink in a relaxed atmosphere with knowledgable sales advisors.

    Our TLC service at the Diamond Room with Brown & Newirth wedding rings entitles you to Lifetime Guarantee, 1 Complementary Engraving, 1 Complimentary Resizing, 3 Complimentary Refinishings. Shop online for your wedding jewellery and receive free luxury gift-wrapping for your bridesmaids and free delivery. What would you choose form Silver Tree Jewellery for your special day?

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