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  • The Perfect Mother's Day Presents

    A very Happy Mothers Day to all you hardworking mums out there!!

    Sunday 6th March is Mothers Day here in the UK. This is the time to show your mum or grandma how much you care and to do something extra special for them. A little keepsake gift and a lovingly written card are perfect to thank them for all the things they do for us.

    Why not start your mum her very own charm bracelet, to add to over the years or add to the one she already has. Thomas Sabo hold such a huge range of bracelets and charms, there’s bound to be something to suit everyone’s tastes.

    Here are two lovely Mother's Day charms from the Thomas Sabo collection:

    Thomas Sabo BEST MOM Charm

    Thomas Sabo MUM Charm

    These charms hold just the right message, show your mum how appreciated she really is with these little keepsake charms. Both crafted from Sterling silver and are priced at £25.95 and £39.95.

    Thomas Sabo Cocktail Charm

    Thomas Sabo Cocktail Charm

    Or for something a little more quirky, this Thomas Sabo charm is just gorgeous. Made from Sterling silver and enamelled glass, this charm is priced at £29.95 and bound to raise a smile.

    Tresor Paris Pink 'Proussy' Earrings

    Tresor Paris are famed for their love of all things sparkly. These earrings are available in several shades and sizes, with matching bracelets available in our boutique store. A really good price point at £19.00 making them the perfect gift on a budget. Comes with branded packaging also.

    Jersey Pearl Kimberley Selwood Ring

    This cute little ring from Jersey Pearl is crafted from Sterling silver and features a single 3-3.5mm inlaid pearl into the heart shaped setting. Available with branded packaging and priced at just £39.00.

    Daisy London Rose Gold Heart Chakra Necklace

    A new designer for Silver Tree Jewellery, Daisy Jewellery create feminine pieces in a selection of coloured metals. This rose gold plated necklace and pendant is perfect for a Mothers Day treat as the rose gold colour and heart Chakra design is reflective of the love for your mother.


    Whatever your choice for Mothers Day, Silver Tree Jewellery can help make it extra special with free gift wrapping and engraving available on select items.

  • Vivienne Westwood Thin Lines Collection


    Vivienne Westwood Thin Lines

    Vivienne Westwood is famed for her unique designs, each one instantly recognisable as designed by the infamous dame.  That is one reason why we at Silver Tree Jewellery just love her, her undisputed style, her penchant for political demonstrations and her determination to create the look and brand she wants. A true British legend!

    Vivienne Westwood designs launch 2 collections a year in both clothing and accessories, we are very happy to be soon receiving their ever popular Thin Lines jewellery collection.

    This range features simple lines, offering simplicity and modernity to the classic Vivienne Westwood Orb design. Perfect for everyday elegance, you could wear this subtle range to work to add a touch of glamour to your day.

    Vivienne Westwood Thin Lines Orb Pendant Gold

    The Thin Lines range comes in Sterling silver or yellow gold plate in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This necklace is crafted from yellow gold plate on sterling silver and comes on a 76cm chain and is priced at £60.00. Also comes with beautiful branded packaging.

    Vivienne Westwood Thin Lines Flat Orb Bracelet

    This Sterling silver bracelet is perfect to dress up an outfit with subtle elegance. Priced at £45.00 and comes with branded packaging.

    All Silver Tree Jewellery comes with beautiful gift wrapping on request!

  • Cleaning and Maintaining your Branded Jewellery

    Rose Gold Rises

    Jewellery can mean so much to us, a moment in time, a remembered occasion, a treat for a birthday or Christmas gift or just a well deserved treat for yourself. It is so very important to make the jewellery last as long as possible and to retain that shine you saw when you first opened the box. These few tips will help keep your designer jewellery looking perfect for as long as possible.


    Remove Jewellery when Performing Tasks


    preparing to clean a ring

    Your jewellery is not invincible! It will scratch, stones can come loose and it can become soiled with products, dirt and grease. Always remember to take your jewellery off when washing up, doing chores or DIY and generally any activity that involves your jewellery coming into contact with anything over a prolonged period.


    Remove Jewellery when Coming in Contact with Water


    washing hands

    Like mentioned above, water is not your jewellery’s friend. Water will tarnish your jewellery, leaving it dull and potentially damaging any metal platings. Any products in the water will also assist in leaving it looking dull and worn.


    ‘Last Thing on, First Thing off’


    Adding earrings to an outfit

    This saying is key to keeping your jewellery looking amazing. Dress yourself in your jewellery as the last part of dressing and remove as soon as possible after your event.


    Maintaining and Storing your Designer Jewellery


    Swarovski Delta Rings

    Store Correctly


    Jewellery box

    Correct storage will provide a safe place for your jewellery. A jewellery box with a soft lining is best, away from harsh lights and also provides a place in which to put your jewellery of which you wont forget about! I’m forever taking my rings off and then forgetting where i put them! With an adequate jewellery box this won’t happen.


    Correct Cleaning Routine and Products


    cleaning jewellery

    Cleaning your jewellery all depends on what the jewellery’s made from.

    Sterling silver jewellery – Cleaning cloths or silver dip are fabulous for sterling silver jewellery and will leave a high polish. Silver with a brushed effect is easy to clean with an eraser, just rub over the affected area to remove any tarnishing.

    Silver coloured metal or rhodium plating – A little warm water and detergent applied with a soft toothbrush is best for plated jewellery as not to remove the plating.

    Gold or gold plating – Unlike silver, gold wont develop a tarnish over time so is easier to keep. Similar to metal plating, drop the item into a bowl of warm soapy water and leave for a short while to loosen any dirt. Then clean into the nooks and crannies with a toothbrush to remove the dirt. Do not use boiling or hot water as this can affect some precious stones, such as Opals.

    For a heavy clean that should only be done rarely, ammonia can be used on solid gold items to lift the colour and remove dirt. Submerge the item into the cleaning product diluted at 1 part ammonia: 6 parts water and leave it for no longer than one minute. Rinse immediately with hot water to remove any trace of the product. Then clean off with a soft dry cloth. Please only do this method if the item is only gold and has no stones.


    Jewellery with Stones


    Thomas Sabo Silver and Pink Synthetic Corundum Ring

    There are two ways to mount stone into a jewellery item, stones can either be glued in or contained with claws around the stones.

    Glued stones - submerging them in water and chemicals are going to loosen the setting and could lead to the stones becoming loose. So for glued stones we suggest using the toothbrush methods around the stone but not fully submerging it.

    Claw set stones - you should submerge these, leave for several minutes and then clean with a toothbrush.

    A toothpick or cotton swab can also be used to clean around the edges of the stone to remove grease and dirt build up.

    Please make sure you know what your jewellery is made from before you clean it. How do I know what my jewellery's made from, you may ask? Check for hallmarks, if you can see none you can presume it is plated metal and should be treated carefully.


    If you are unsure on how to clean your jewellery and keep it looking its best then please contact us at the shop and we will advise.

  • The Best Jewellery Gifts for Valentines Day

    valentines day

    I love this time of year, we are soon to be poised on the edge of spring, waiting for the sunlight to reappear and it also means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This festival has roots in history going back hundreds of years, were love and creation are celebrated and how better to show your affections that with a special gift to be kept for years to come.

    Traditionally heart shaped items, poems and cards were exchanged as gifts, these days jewellery is often given for a perfect Valentines gift as it can portray a special message whilst looking beautiful.

    Here at Silver Tree Jewellery online, we hold a large range of gifts perfect for Valentines day treats, heart shaped tokens, engraveable items to personalise your present or a symbolic gift to make her smile.

    Swarovski Cupid Blue Pendant

    This pendant named the ‘Cupid Blue Pendant’ is so versatile as it can be worn in 4 different ways! A really unusual design feature in rhodium plate and genuine sparkling Swarovski crystals. Comes with a size adjustable chain, branded packaging and is priced at £99.00.
    Michael Kors Rose Gold Astor Buckle Bangle

    This super elegant bangle in rose gold plate from Michael Kors is the perfect gift for a stylish lady. Rose gold reflects the time of year so well and the flat sections on the bangle mean it can be engraved. Comes with branded packaging and is priced at £99.00
    Hot Diamonds Lingering Silver Pendant

    From jewellery legends Hot Diamonds, this heart shaped pendant in sterling silver and real diamonds is classic, elegant and comes with an extendable chain making it perfect to wear with any outfit. Comes with branded packaging and is priced at £69.95
    Thomas Sabo Mini Red Heart Charm

    With charms bracelets being so popular, there’s so many charms to chose from! But, this red enamel and sterling silver heart shaped charm is perfect to add a splash of colour to a charm bracelet. So easy to clip on and comes in gorgeous Thomas Sabo packaging. Priced at £29.95
    Thomas Sabo Filigree Pearl Love Bridge Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo have developed a new range called ‘Love Bridge’ which makes it so easy to engrave jewellery and Thomas Sabo jewellery items are even free of charge to engrave! This bracelet is crafted from Sterling silver and freshwater pearls and is priced at £215.00.
    Thomas Sabo Heart Charm

    Heart shaped and engravable (for free!) such an easy gift that will be adored. Comes with branded Thomas Sabo packaging and is priced at £29.95


    All our jewellery comes with branded packaging and giftwrapping on request, all completely free!

  • Olivia Burton Watches for Valentine's Day

    Valentines Candy

    Olivia Burton is a brand unlike any other, their effortlessly feminine floral designs and classic twists are instantly recognisable. Created by 2 friends in London only 4 years again, these girls have really created a unique brand.

    Here’s just a few of their designs, with much more available in our boutique store, why not pop in to see our extensive range?
    Olivia Burton Painterly Prints Black And Rose Gold Watch

    The Painterly prints black and rose gold watch from Olivia Burton is a prime example of how they combine their trademark girly designs with coloured metal. This watch features leather, stainless steel, comes with a 2 year guarantee, branded packaging and is at the competitive price of £80.00
    Olivia Burton Painterly Prints Hummingbird Midi Black And Gold Watch

    This Animal Motif Hummingbird watch features gold, leather and a beautiful hand drawn hummingbird design. If you're looking for a stylish, chic watch then this ticks all the boxes and is priced at just £49.00
    Olivia Burton Woodland Butterfly Dark Chocolate Watch

    This Woodland Butterfly watch in dark chocolate is gorgeous, effortlessly classic and delightfully girly, perfect for the coming Spring months. Featuring brown leather, stainless steel, comes with a 2 year guarantee, branded packaging and is at the lowered price of £56.00
    Olivia Burton Palour Floral Navy Watch

    The Parlour Floral Navy Watch features pastel blues and pinks, plated brushed yellow gold and navy leather. Comes with a 2 year guarantee, branded packaging and is at the lowered price of £59.50

    All Olivia Burton watches are in the Sale, get them quick before they’re gone!

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