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  • Do you have the perfect bridal jewellery? We do...


    For her wedding, Jane chose the Swarovski Diapason necklace, which was the perfect accompaniment to her stunning wedding dress and leaf motif tiara that matched! The wedding day was beautiful and relaxed - celebrated with close family and friends. Swarovski crystal is the-go-to brand to add some sparkle on your wedding day whether it be a statement necklace, like Jane, or some long drop earrings like the Cypress Earrings to wear with a high-neckline.

    Visit the Diamond Room at Silver Tree Jewellery Lancaster to choose the perfect wedding rings and bridal jewellery all in one place. Be greeted with a refreshing drink in a relaxed atmosphere with knowledgable sales advisors.

    Our TLC service at the Diamond Room with Brown & Newirth wedding rings entitles you to Lifetime Guarantee, 1 Complementary Engraving, 1 Complimentary Resizing, 3 Complimentary Refinishings. Shop online for your wedding jewellery and receive free luxury gift-wrapping for your bridesmaids and free delivery. What would you choose form Silver Tree Jewellery for your special day?

  • A Love Story In Paris


    Mrs Elliott pictured in store, October 2018, with her bespoke Eternity Ring

    The Customer Experience at Silver Tree Jewellery is apart of our business ethos and the Love Story in Paris from Valentines 2013 is testament to the lengths we go to make our customers happy.

    Dr. David Elliott wanted to treat his wife to a beautiful Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Eternity ring as a surprise to mark their forthcoming holiday to Paris, the City of Love. We had the ring in question specially made for Mrs Elliott. Due to unforeseen circumstances the ring did not arrive in time for this romantic trip. When the ring was ready we sent a Silver Tree representative off to Paris to hand deliver the Eternity Ring straight to Mrs Elliott. The couple were over-joyed and Mrs Elliott received a beautiful surprise wrapped up in a Silver Tree Jewellery gift box.

    Here is Mrs Elliott's daughters lovely recommendation:

    "How's this for customer service...

    My Mum and stepdad's 30th wedding anniversary so David orders my mum a beautiful ring - to be handmade. He has a trip to Paris organised and really, really wants the ring to be ready for the romantic gesture. The ring is not ready in time. Sad face :0(

    David suggests for The Silver Tree to send the ring direct to the hotel in Paris.

    By the last night, still no parcel had arrived. But to his surprise, one of the staff from the little local shop in Lancaster had been flown into Paris, is there in the hotel with the little Silver Tree bag and said ring.

    Now that's what I call service! Well done Silver Tree Jewellery for making my Mum's day, and special Anniversary very, very special"

    Silver Tree Jewellery is a specialist in Wedding and Eternity rings. See in store for details in our newly established Diamond Room or contact us on 01524 847100 /

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