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Emporio Armani Watches

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Born in Italy, Giorgio Armani is the creator of the extension of his brand Emporio Armani. After dropping out of university Giorgio began working as a designer with Nino Cerruti, which is where he discovered his talent in design. With the encouragement of his friend, he went freelance and founded the Giorgio Armani S.p.A. in July 1975. In Europe he became a quick success however he didn’t make a huge impact in America until 1980.

Armani is a high-end fashion label which is dedicated to good quality and long lasting pieces and designs. Emporio Armani is popular amongst many and is worn by many celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez. All Armani products are made from the finest materials with good craftsmanship, ensuring that only the best is given to you.

Emporio Armani watches are both fashionable and modern, leading to them being popular amongst the younger generations and the fashion forward. His innovative designs and creative ideas is what keeps him at the top of the fashion ladder.

Here at Silver Tree we have a wide range of watches, to ensure that there is definitely something for everybody. They come in a variety of materials and styles such as leather, rose gold, ceramic, mother of pearl and crystal. Our personal favourite is the Crystal and Pink Gianni T-Bar Watch which is elegant, with a sophisticated and feminine finishing touch.