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Molly Brown Bracelets

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Molly Brown was founded in 2006 by Erica Illingworth who was inspired by her daughter to create jewellery for girls. Her jewellery is understated and sophisticated, which is ideal for girls aged 5-10 but is however suitable for girls up to their teens. The first collection she launched was named ‘Jelly Bean’ which is now an award winning range, meaning now she expanded and added 11 more collections.

After discovering that jewellery for children mainly consists of gaudy, chunky plastic items, with the odd exception of a pretty wooden necklace or bracelet, she realised that there was nothing for children over the age of five who wanted pretty, simple items of jewellery like their mothers. This led to her working on ideas and fastly becoming one of the UK’s leading children jewellers.

Her jewellery makes the perfect gift for birthdays, christenings and bridesmaids, as every child has the right to feel special. It is in jewellery that our memories our held making Molly Brown a significant brand for little girls.

Here at Silver Tree we have an extensive range of Molly Brown accessories, to ensure that there is definitely something for everybody. There is a variety of bracelets in different styles and materials such as gold and silver, with an assortment of stones like pearl, garnet and diamond. Our personal favourite is the My First Diamond bracelet which is a simplistic, stunning design consisting of an openwork heart, with an inlaid diamond. All Molly Brown London Jewellery comes with unique Molly Brown London Packaging.