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Molly Brown Necklaces

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Molly Brown is the UK’s leading jeweller for young girls, established in 2006 by Erica Illingworth who was inspired by her daughter to create simple and sophisticated jewellery for girls from infants to teens. However she does not only cater for little girls, there is also the Molly Brown Couture for the older women as well, meaning her jewellery really does accommodate everyone.

Described by Vogue as ‘Tiffany for girls’, certifies that her collection is full of simple and beautiful pieces that are perfect for children. She creates stunning and affordable jewellery to make little girls feel special, without being ostentatious so it looks like it was not made for child.

Her jewellery is perfect as a gift for bridesmaids, birthdays and christenings, as well as being the ideal accessory to add to a girls memorable collection which can be kept for life.

Here at Silver Tree we offer a wide range of Molly Brown, to ensure that there is definitely something for everybody. We have a variety of necklaces in different styles and materials from silver to diamonds to pearls, her jewellery is classic and understated. Our personal favourite is the Pink Fairy Wish necklace, which is part of the Fairy Wish collection to make any little girl believe that her wish can come true. All Molly Brown Jewellery comes with unique Molly Brown London Packaging.