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Sif Jakobs Bracelets

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Launched in 2009, Sif Jakobs has rapidly developed into an international recognisable brand, with a strong global fanbase. The creator of the label, Sif Jakobs was originally born in Iceland, but has strong ties all over the world due to extensive travelling. Calling Italy her second home, Sif Jakobs has taken a lot of inspiration from the countries elegant style.

Her collections are all named after Italian cities, showing her love for the country and it’s style. Her collections are a mixture of Italian and Nordic charm, creating an interesting combination of styles which is beautifully portrayed through her jewellery.

Known for creating affordable luxury jewellery, Sif Jakobs Jewellery always creates something unique and wonderful. With inspiration taken from different countries and cultures, visionary and original jewellery is made, meaning there is something for every different type of customer and their needs.

Here at Silver Tree we have an extensive range of Sif Jakobs bracelets, to ensure that there is definitely something for everybody. We have a variety of jewellery in different styles and materials such as silver, leather, cubic zirconia, rose gold and rhodium plate. Why not try our personal favourites the Sif Jakobs Modena Due/Uno Leather Bracelet which is a stylish bracelet made from soft black leather or the Sif Jakobs Sasso Bracelet which is the epitome of elegance and glamour.