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Tresor Paris Jewellery

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16 Item(s)

The Tresor Paris brand has been sweeping the nation, displaying bold, glitzy jewellery that is being worn by celebrities and the fashion conscious alike. Created from crystal, cord and magnetite, which is said to work with the body’s own bio-magnetic field which is meant to be good for you skin, to prevent lethargy and sufferers of asthma.

Known for luxury and class, Tresor Paris offers a diverse collection of pieces from exquisite diamonds to ethereal crystals. With decades in the jewellery business this brand boasts experience, ensuring that all pieces are made up to the highest of quality.

Parisian inspired, Tresor Paris has a mixture of stunning elegance and boho chic, making it the perfect staple item for your look. Designed to make you stand out, Tresor Paris will add sparkle and elegance to your life.

Tresor Paris’ collections are versatile and with a wide range of jewellery to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. Over the years Tresor Paris has attained many awards for their work, as they were nominated ‘Professional Jeweler Hot 100’ and ‘Business Big Shot’. Silver Tree can order any pieces in the Tresor Paris range. Please email or call our shop to enquire.