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Tresor Paris Earrings

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15 Item(s)

Parisian inspired, Tresor Paris is a proud designer and manufacturer of tasteful diamond and crystal pieces. The founder of the brand Selim Hasbani were originally diamond retailers, however with the recession decided that a change was needed and that more affordable jewellery would be a successful route to go down. This led to a new brand Tresor Paris being born in 2010.

With decades in the jewellery business, good quality and long lasting pieces are essential, ensuring that only the best is given to you. All items are made with great care, making each and every one of them truly outstanding. Tresor Paris is both versatile and easy to wear, meaning there accessories will never grow old.

These Tresor Paris earrings are a spherical design made with titanium and czech crystal. They can be bought in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, depending on what sort of style you are going for. Despite studs being small, with Tresor Paris earrings small does definitely not mean boring, as this crystallised collection stands out. They make a wonderful gift or a delightful treat.

Here at Silver Tree we have a variety of Tresor Paris earrings, to ensure that there is definitely something for everyone. Our personal favourite is the White Tassily Earrings which are the perfect choice when you’ve had enough of colour, yet still want a stylish look.