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The idea of charms is an ancient one and they have been used to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. The charm bracelets of choice are both feminine and edgy, with designers like Yves Saint Laurent combining black skulls with pretty pink bows. Recreate this collaboration with our Thomas Sabo Large Skull Karma Bead and the Thomas Sabo Rose Gold Bow Charm, for a rebellious and feminine look.

Queen Victoria was known for her love of charm bracelets and had them made from sterling silver and gemstones, with puffy hearts and lockets, which are still popular styles used on charm bracelets today. She is considered mainly responsible for the romantic styles of charms and for making them the personal items of jewellery they are now.

Here at Silver Tree we offer a beautiful selection of charms, such as the Thomas Sabo Turkish Eye Charm which is a beautiful accessory used to ward off evil spirits. A charm bracelet can last a lifetime and they are completely personal to you, with charms to suit every aspect of your life, there is definitely something for everybody.