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Necklaces are one of the oldest forms of jewellery and have been worn since the time of ancient civilisation. The latest trends in the Spring/Summer fall include layered necklaces displayed by Versace, an artisan spirit by Marni which features necklaces crafted from wood and crystals mounted on necklaces by Giorgio Armani. If you want to achieve a style that looks straight off the runway why not try our Swarovski Talesia Necklace.

When cloth and metal working was developed, the range of jewellery available greatly expanded. As when the melting of metal was discovered it could be cast into shapes, making eye-catching necklaces, enabling the creation of more intricate and durable pieces.

Here at Silver Tree we have a beautiful selection necklaces which are both timeless and elegant. We have classic designs such as the Pure Attraction Silver Necklace and more daring, fashion-forward pieces such as the Bleeding Heart Pendant by Thomas Sabo. With so many different styles to choose from there is definitely something for everybody.