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ChloBo’s trend setting necklaces have caught the attention of lots of ‘fashionistas’ and celebrities. The ‘Iconic Silver Moss Necklace’ for £475 has been famously pictured on the beautiful Cheryl Cole. Named after its creator, Chloe Moss, this necklace would add the wow factor to any outfit. The necklace comes with a charm carrier at the end of the silver lariat. Attach the ‘Large Tassel Pendant’ for £90 to add extra glamour. The small silver balls on this necklace mimic the bracelets and ring designs – all the jewellery matches for that ChloBo ‘look’. As soon as you put this necklace on you will feel fabulous!


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The After Dark range from ChloBo is a very different but chic collection; themes of peace and religion are at the forefront of these designs. The ‘Hamsa Hand Pendant’ from this collection promotes protection for the wearer. The open right hand is believed to provide protection against the evil eye; protect yourself against evil with ChloBo for £75. The After Dark chains and pendants also look great layered at different lengths over any outfit.

ChloBo’s ‘Black Sparkly Rosary Beads’, £165, makes a bold statement; this necklace is definitely for the fashion conscious. Traditionally rosary beads are worn to remember a collection of different prayers. However, jewellery in recent years has taken on ideas and formulations from historic jewellery designs. Sentimental values play a huge part in jewellery purchases, whether you are buying for a special someone or occasion. The beads on this special necklace are made up of sterling silver and black Czech glass. Perfect for ChloBo’s boho look - Czech glass or bohemian glass, is decorative glass produced from Bohemia and is a popular material in jewellery design due to its light reflecting elements.