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Additional Information

Jersey Pearl is a brand that is different from others, mixing innovative and creative designs with contemporary classics. Boasting two decades in the jewellery business, they were founded in 1985 by Fred Scragg who has infinite experience in the pearl trade, to ensure that only the best is given to you. Scragg was inspired by creating economical pieces from his tax-free island, to ensure that his customers were getting their accessories at the lowest price possible.

Pearls are a natural material found in the living shells of a select few mollusc and are very rare. Due to this Jersey Pearl have mollusc farms, to ensure that they still encapture the natural beauty of the pearl, without harming the environment. For the customer this means that costs are greatly reduced with the standard remaining the same.

Pearls have a shimmering iridescence and offer the power of love, luck, money and protection. They are also the birthstone of the month June and are give wisdom through experience and strengthen love relationships.

Here at Silver Tree we have a wide range of Jersey Pearl jewellery, to ensure that there is definitely something for everybody. We have a variety of earrings in different styles and materials such as pearl, topaz, gold, silver and rhodium plate. Our personal favourite is the Topaz and Pearl Drop Earrings, which will add glamour to any outfit, making you look both elegant and demure. All Jersey Pearl jewellery comes with branded Jersey Pearl packaging, in a beautiful presentation box.