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Jersey Pearl was established in 1985 by Fred Scragg, his son and his son in law. He wanted to offer his customers the chance to buy items which were free of VAT, from his tax free haven in the middle of the Channel Islands between Britain and France. They have been trading pearls for two decades, producing accessories which are of high quality and at a good price.

Pearls are a natural material that are found in the ocean in a select few species of living molluscs. Due to the rarity of these natural pearls, Jersey Pearl have established mollusc farms to avoid the harming of the environment, yet still producing high quality pearls. The practise of cultivating pearls is over a century old and through the selection of super breeding pearls are now larger and even better than natural pearls.

With pearls being the epitome of elegance, means Jersey Pearl is all about classic and contemporary designs. This is a brand that is full of sophistication and pieces that will never grow old.

Here at Silver Tree we have a wide range of Jersey Pearl accessories, to ensure that there is definitely something for everybody. We have a variety of necklaces in different styles and materials such as rhodium plate, silver and pearl. Our personal favourite is the Graduated Pearl Necklace which is a classic piece, where the pearls graduate from small to large as the necklace goes round. All Jersey Pearl jewellery comes with branded Jersey Pearl packaging, in a beautiful presentation box.