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Additional Information

The collar is a close fitting necklace which is worn around the neck and can be adorned in a number of different ways. Givenchy, Versace and Balmain displayed there variations of the collar on this seasons catwalk, opting for huge statement pieces in the forms of quartz crystal on a band of transparent leather, translucent gold options and thick gold bands.

The 90’s was a time when the collar was at the height of fashion, with spiked collars or pentagram pendants being favourites for the goths. With many variations of the collar being created, it has become a versatile item that will compliment any outfit. This year the collar has made a comeback and is a staple jewellery item which is worn by many.

Here at Silver Tree we have a special selection of collars, including the bright geometric squares of the Coeur De Lion collar and the purple freshwater pearl collar by Jersey Pearl. The collar is the perfect item for those who like to make a fashion statement and with so many to choose from there will definitely be something for you.